Wild Mushrooms – Whipped ricotta, braised leeks, mushroom jerky on rye toast / 19.50

+ Poached Egg /3.0 + Pancetta /5.00


 Zucchini flower taco – garlic confiet cashew cream, cured zucchini, chestnut crumble

and red cabbage/ 7  


Divorced Eggs – Poached eggs, chimichurri, roast pepper walnut and ginger puree, toasted pistachios,

Meridith farm feta served on brickfields rye and caraway/ 18.50 + avocado /3.5


Buckwheat Pancakes – salted butterscotch, digestive biscuit crumble, toffee banana and crème

patissiere/ 18.50


Welsh Rarebit -- Manchego Cheese, Pickled Onion, Mizuna and Grape confit on Brickfields Rye and                                 Caraway toast/ 16

+ Poached egg/ 3 +Pancetta/ 5


Chorizo – Chipotle jam, poached egg, smoked butter hollandaise served on house made cornbread /19

+ speck / 4.00 


Poached Eggs on Rye – Free range soft poached eggs served on Brickfields caraway rye /12.50

+Tomato Relish /1.00 + Hollandaise /3.00 + speck /4.00


Smoked trout – Wasabi leaf, black rice, red miso, tea-soaked egg, pickled salad, wasabi, nori,

horseradish dressing /21   +tea-soaked egg /4.50


Brekky Roll - speck, free range poached egg, mixed leaves, aioli & house tomato relish served on

Brickfields milk buns /14 + Haloumi /4.00


Pancetta Baguette - Spiced pineapple chutney, house pickles & fermented chili aioli on a Brickfields

 baguette /17

+ Chorizo /5.00


Mushroom Baguette– Portobello mushroom, mushroom jerky, braised leeks, smoked mozzarella,                                  radicchio & truffle aioli on a Brickfields baguette /17

+ Speck /4.00 + Pancetta /5.00


Green Eggs and Ham- jamon serrano, poached eggs, minted pea puree, piccalilli, roasted fioretto,

fried bread /19.5


Toast – Two slices of Brickfields caraway rye, w/ choice of butter, honey, peanut butter, Vegemite or

 drunken sailor jam /5.50


Nonie’s Gluten Free Toast – Activated charcoal and quinoa or Fig and nut w/ choice of butter, honey,

 peanut butter, Vegemite or drunken sailor jam /6.5  




Small /3.80 Large /4.20    Extra shot /0.50

Almond or Soy /0.50

Iced Latte or chocolate /4.20

Batch Filter Brew/ 4.7

Brunch Cocktails From 10am

 Bloody Mary: Vodka, Tomato Juice, Worcestershire, House   Made Hot Sauce, lemon, fresh Celery, Cracked Pepper,

 Celery Salt /14

Cheeky Charlie: Fresh OJ, Almond Liquor, Vodka, Bitters/ 14   

French Martini: Raspberry Liquor, Vodka, Pineapple Juice /14

 Espresso Martini: Vodka, Little Marionette Espresso, Mr Black Liquor /14

 Mimosas: Fresh house OJ, Prosecco /12

 Cold brew Negroni: Gin, Vermouth, Campari, House Made Little Marionette Cold Brew, Candied Orange /14

Penny Cosmo: Vodka, cranberry, lime and Cointreau /14


English Breakfast /4.20

Earl Grey /4.20

Lemongrass & Ginger /4.20

Peppermint, fennel & liquorice /4.20

China Sencha /4.20

Relaxing Herbs /4.70

Brewed Sticky Chai /4.70



Single Origin Cold Brew /5.50

House made ice tea /7

Fresh Orange or apple juice /7

Fresh apple, carrot and ginger juice /8.5

Fresh apple, kale, ginger, celery and lemon juice /8.5

Bottomless sparkling water per person /2




House made muffin – w/ butter /5.50

Banana Bread – w/ butter /5.50

+ricotta & honey /3

Croissant – w/ drunken sailor jam /5.50


Please notify staff of any allergies!!!