Roll in for Evenings at RP.


I don’t know if you know but getting a license to serve delicious alcoholic beverages is not an easy job. It takes time, money, time, money, money and more time. So it’s pretty damn exciting that we now have the piece of glorious paper that says we can make incredibly tasty cocktails for your enjoyment.

We have been testing the waters with a few different styles of evenings over the past few months and are proud to say we have settled on a combo of tapas style dishes paired back with cocktails, natural wines and local beer. Marty Sundog is on the cocktails, Robin is on the food so if you like Robins menu currently for our day time service then you’ll love his creations for evening service. Robin prefers creating dishes for the evenings so i’d say if your a fan now you’ll be a fan for the nights.  Mart has also created some pretty unique cocktails like a Negroni with a shot of cold brew coffee, Mart spesh and it’s super tasty with that kick you need for life in general.

So I don’t really want to turn you all into serious drinkers but we can start serving booze to ya’ll from 10am. Brunch is ON!

Evening Hours: 
Thurs, Fri and Sat 5-10pm.