Meet Ryan.


Have you taken the time to look at our cups? You’ve probably seen them subconsciously but don’t quite remember? Well after this you’ll never forget.


Some of you might recognise a certain customer on a certain stamp on a certain cup. His name is Ryan. He has been coming into Rolling Penny for quite some time now. We started to notice Ryan (what am I talking about we noticed Ryan straight away! There was no ‘started to’ about it) because he wore this amazing gangsta chain with an incredible mullet, a moustache reminiscent of the 80s prime tash days, and a round short brim soft hat with Indigenous Australian artwork on it. In summary a pretty radical unique kinda style. We thought we better immortalise him stat. So he agreed to let us make a stamp with his face on it so we could stamp it on our cups. The result? Pure beauty. Take a look for yourself.

Thanks Ryan for being you.