Rolling Penny Planet

They say there is no planet B. There are plenty of them out there but our current one is our best bet for now.

So what can we do about it? Well we go one step at a time. In this case it our take away lids. Yes our lids are biodegradable. There is however another problem. Whilst having biodegradable lids is great, most recycling plants don’t have the equipment to break them down efficiently or at all.

So where does this leave us? Well we all have a long way to go still but its a start.

Heres a few wise words from our coffee fiend friend @stuntmullet

As an #internationallyrecognised artist and bloke, sometimes I #needtowakeuptomyself and whilst my #wakeupjuiceofchoice is #uncledunkles finest from @rollingpenny it came to my attention that #myhabit has been #shittingontheplanet. How relieved was I to hear that RP is switching to #disappearingcups. #getemupya(shelving them is probably OK), or #copabiketotheface @stuntmulletendorses this message as an #officialpennymodel x x x we also endorse @sthsthkingst gallery (book your next exhibition now), @nudenight_lifedrawing (draw more nude), (for all your design needs), and endorseadog.ykp (we’ll endorse anything).

Juan Love. We will get there!

Martin Morgan